Jessiel2006's Poems

Ur dont a friend

Ghetto Poem | Teen Poem : Friends don’t do what you did, they do better then that, out of all people you had to be the one to turn on me, I trusted you, I gave u what u wonted, what more could I do, I did something i don’t usually do for u, I let u into my home, I let u be around my boyfriend something I should not have done

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Refuse to fall in love

Ghetto Poem | Teen Poem : u ask me why am I so scared to fall in love again, the truth is i’m not, I’m just scared to get my heart broken again, when one man breaks a womens heart it makes it hard for them to love again, so i’m not scared, i just refuse to fall in love agin.

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Heart broken

Ghetto Poem | Marriage Poem : I don’t undertsand,I gave u everything, I gave my soul, I even gave u my heart, i gave u everything u could possable ask for, I was there when u were having problems, I even gave u my shouder to lean on, u didn’t have to worry about anything cause i did it all, u could have at least told me, instend

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