Jdominique's Poems

Crush On You (Attracted To You)

Black Poem | Freaky Poem : The first time I saw youI had a funny feeling in my stomachI was so confused that I sho didnt know what to doThen I realized that I had a crush on youEveryday that I see youI get butterflies in my tummyI really hate the feelingBut why you gotta be so fineEvery night I fantasize about you in my dream

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I Don't Understand

Black Poem | Life Poem : I don't understandwhy one minute I'm up and one minute I'm downI don't understandwhy I have so much booksensebut I don't use my commonsense when I need toI don't understandwhy I can love one person but I can't even look the next person straight in the eyeI don't understand why I don't like what I ha

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