Jd0773's Poems


Black Poem | Black Poem : BluntPosted up impeccably put togetherWaitingDesires to be picked up and held PassedLonging for the kiss of a flameParanoidCause it heard it was gonna get smoked

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I was a witness(To My Mama)

Black Poem | Black Poem : I was witnessTo you keeping food on our shelfTo you making sure everybody ate at least twice before you fed yourselfI was witnessTo you having a revolving doorFor a struggling family member either on drugs or who everyone else considered a whore. And I also remember how kind you were to the family t

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At Dialysis

Black Poem | Black Poem : Blood circulate through artificial arteriesTo be refined by artificial kidneysOn the grounds that it comes to be toxicNot UnLIKELife's "Water"Navigating veins and animating my brainResulting in an unnatural devotion to a manufactured emotionPutting this physical prison for my soul in motionShowing g

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