Jazzman2953's Poems

When I found you I lost you

Black Poem | Love Poem : I saw you and you took my breath away; I walked pass you and could smell heaven in the air. I new you were with another guy but I didn’t care; I knew you didn’t know I exist but I didn’t care. Every week I would come back to the same place hoping to feel your presence. I followed y

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Give one Take one

Black Poem | Death Poem : It was a happy time for me in my life knowing that I could create with my wife.I knew that my boys would grow up to be men of stature; I knew the ladies hearts they would soon capture. I prayed every day for their good health; I prayed for their abundance  God blessed wealth. Time went on and I

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Round and round around I go

Black Poem | Playa Poem : Round and round around I go; the world is moving fast but my mind is moving slow. The people wanted to know how my mind was created I told them it was do to being humbly motivated. The ladies wanted know how my mind was stimulated I said it’s because I have cause to be mentally perpetuated. Ro

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IT'S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Poem | Life Poem : As I sat around the house and contemplated what I wanted to do; I said to my self, Self? Let’s smoke a blunt! So I went to the store and got a 5 pack of Swisher blunts. I could have got Blacks but they were not big enough for what I was going roll. As I sat on the couch and my mouth and Brain

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My pain, my struggle, my life

Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : My pain, my struggle, my life; I'm here because GOD has a plan. But before I realized it I was gangsta taking everything in my path to the limit. Step in the wrong way you suffer, say the wrong thing its murder. My pain, my struggle, my life; I had to eat, so I went to the streets making that chedda

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Turning back time

Black Poem | Life Poem : Turning back time is like reliving a nightmare, before it was so simple until that night of despair. Man I lived; good and bad all the same between the drugs, drive bys and gang warfare. Yep I’m here to tell you a story of how I made it out of the slum of bloody gory. My life was complex and f

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