Jazzman2952's Poems

"Shits Real?"

Black Poem | Life Poem : Yo this shit is real like when you thought you been through something before but not sure (believe in your dreams). Yo shit is real like when you love some one so much you want them to die with you. Love your woman or man, believe that you can work through it all, know that you are only human and tr

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"Love Dead or Alive"

Black Poem | Love Poem : ’Love Dead or Alive’ I wake up to give you a kiss and you except it like I am apart of you. we eat brakfast every morning gazing into each others eyes; you just smile and sit patiently like you did every morning. How come our conversation is not like it use to be, like when we would walk on the plaz

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"Sickness in life!"

Black Poem | Life Poem : Looking back kept me from moving forward as my conscience got the best of me, why did homie have to do what he did? I guess he thought he could live through the pain of his consequences. Where do I go from here as I took away the dream that homie called a life? Even though he was a hater and had ice

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"My son 9 years old"

Black Poem | Family Poem : I get in my car to drive off in a storm - My son says can we pray before we pull off. I walk by a homeless man and ignore him like he is nothing - My son reminds to help him and as long as my heart is right it doesnt matter what he spends it on. When I lost my job and couldnt pay child support - My

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"Young Bro"

Black Poem | Inspirational Poem : What up young bro, are you feeling down today; hold your head up Young Bro for this is the day the LORD has made. I know sometimes you feel there is no way out but imaging the life you would have if JESUS had no clout. We would be in despair and turmoil due to no one to pray to; our life would be em

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