J07koosa's Poems

Does it exist?

General Poem | Black Poem : Living in a world where no reality exist. Teens pregnacy and shit Teen boys steppin n2 a mans world but yet living a lie in a mans postion. In and out of jail with a child no way to raise your daughter, NO JOB, NO REASON for livingcause you all caught up. Seek to finsh high school wit two baby mamas

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Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : Why is these messy ass girls always hatin, hatin on what i got and what they anit got.They mad cause I got a man well im tired of him and im here to say yall can have him. Im sorry for you but my life is already stressed out,im bugged out and just tired of all this crap. In out of jail tired of bein

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Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : Cherry flavored, Nice and soft, sweet and juicy, just something i keep to myself Anit no cost on my goodies I keep to myself all wraped up and tight Look before you touch, smell before you taste, Eat you vegies before you eat your sweets, Study before the test So what makes you think you can play be

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Ghetto Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Well respected in the game Well known for her fame She presents herself as a self loved woman who does her best, to please her man. The promblem is she has more than just one man, not two or three not four or five more than you can think of lets just say a whole lot. She presents herself as a well r

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