Italia32's Poems

wut u was

Black Poem | Love Poem : Wut u once was you aint no more, ho wcan that be wut u just thougth after some years you can change? Is it that easy that you can change with someone you love into something that just aint right? I  say i love you i say i care i say that ill always be here for you see i havent changed so why did you

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dear daddy

Black Poem | Death Poem :   Dear daddy, when u left me u took my life wit u too, daddy i never thought id be so sad witout u in y life. I know u are still lookin ovr me evryday n evrynight. Daddy i cant breathe becuase im scared if i do all the things i ever knew n know ill loose it crazy i know! But dear daddy did u kno tha

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