Illustrious's Poems

Sweet,,, Sweet Ovie

Black Poem | Flirt Poem : You have a body that sings poetry To my ears, like beautiful melodies Your eyes have pierced my heart thru a picture from Essence magazine I would of never contemplate that God could create suc

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Black Poem | Courage Poem : Im tired of witnessing miracles, when im never the miracle Im tired of getting physical, when his love is not a miracle Im tired of crying broke, when im messing with the typicals Im tired of pl

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keep ur slip on

Black Poem | Courage Poem : Because his wife lied And told him to eat the sweet berry pies He became hook and she remained his resuplier She is the one that added fuel to the fire Made all his desires, conspire hotter th

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Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : What’s better than sex That makes your tongue reflex While expressing all of your interests Of your feelings that explodes in your nerves’ from your ineptness Of your soul that your mind and

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Black Poem | Nature Poem : This cable of life that we strong Women use as fuel to stimulate our minds thru mother earth with the single-mode connectors in 22 giga bytes per second (as the world turns) Women and nature are al

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Oh Haiti don’t cry

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Through the bloody fields entwined around the dead bodies We soon no longer hear the cries We soon can no longer feel the tries Thru Haiti’s cries that’s slowly shedding onto sighs The

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