Iamnotapoet's Poems

Full Time Freak

Freaky Poem | Sex Poem : You hit me up on my phone And said ’Baby i need it.’’I got some things to do,but i be der before six.’So i get to da cribAnd call to make sure you still homeAnd you said’Yea baby im in my room, and i aint got nothin on.’I said ’AW SHYT!!’Got my ass up dem stairs quickSeen you on dat bed Baby gurl wa

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So i ...

General Poem | Black Poem : Who ever thought i could possibly come to beSomething noone would have ever thought of me.But why can’t they see I have a vision for meAnd there’s no way that they could ever change what i thinkSo i think And from time to time i may just prayNot for me but for my lovers sake.Their ears are closed an

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Loves struggles

General Poem | Love Poem : Rain drowns my window.. She tells me baby pleeze don’t go The pain of my migraine tips from temple to temple......Then I look back on all the fights wev’e been throughI can’t see how i thought love was so simple... Now my frustration greatins Cuz I left her in tears debatin’ I’m Tryin to prove t

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