Hottmama09's Poems

You Are

Ghetto Poem | Teen Poem : You are the sun that brightens my life when I’m lost in darkness.You are the stream that quenches my thirst.You are the tree that shades me.You are my Angel that touches my heart.You are my prince.You are my joy and happiness.You are the light of my life.You are my love.

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Things I Love About You

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : Your eyeswhich first held me captivatedwhere I stood. Your smiletho dazzle the sunand warm every corner of my soul Your voicelike a sparkling mountain streamwhich flows into my heart Your handswhose caress I crave to hold my facein their tenderness Your armsI long to have around my waistas you pull

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Saying Goodbye

Ghetto Poem | Patriotism Poem : So soft  the brief touch of your lips  on my cheekWas I almost intruding?  ’Take care of yourself’      Should have been  ’I love you!’Then the Jumbo flew over   my headAnd I shouted my love   above the roar   and thundering thrust if you’d hearThrough the clouds my eyes   watched you fly

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Boy Had a Car

Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : Boy had a carOld and fastYesterday it happened High speed raceAccident was brutalDeath came by Autopsy was done Car was goneAlways remember thisRace is over now 

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On My Knees with Folded Hands

Ghetto Poem | Inspirational Poem : On my knees with folded hands,I thank the Lord each day;For when I think of life itselfIt makes me want to pray. Most of my friends are dead and gone;You’ll find flowers where they lay.I know that some of them,To heaven found their way. So many times I’ve looked upto heaven in the night,Asking answe

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