Hottie4ever's Black Poems


Black Poem | Black Poem : sometimes i dream of brittany sitting alone without anybody to hold her crying and hurting herself burns on her feet and hands cuts on her arms but when i wake up she’s gone sometimes i dream of larry being a badass trying to be the big boi on campus but then he get shot and i wake up to figure out

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How my sister told my dad...

Black Poem | Funny Poem : Daddy, DaddyI need to tell you something Daddy, DaddyYou can’t tell nobodyDaddy, DaddyI’m not a virgin

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All because of you

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : All because of you ....I am happy againI can live my life again I can tell my friends about youAll because of you ...I have seen what a real man is and can doThe real man in my life can love me rite All because of you ...I am gonna to start all over and do the rite things All because of you...My fam

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Bitch Stop!!!

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : Bitch stop calling my man...I’m serious.He don’t want you,I know this for sure.Bitch stop calling..I am he’s baby mama,he’s friend,and lover.So bitch stop calling.But little did I know,all the things, I was doing.That bitch was too.She even had his child.So know I can’t say..Bitch stoping calling,be

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Freaky Poem | Black Poem : Goodbye...To the beatings, I took from you.The ones you gave to me,when you came home upset or had took 1 too many.Goodbye...To the daily argeements.When we would agree over the a baby sitter’s pay.Where was we going to go to dinner at.Goodbye....To you being fake.Because I knew you didn’t want Jami

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Thank You

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : Thank you....For leaving me because now I can find,That one and true guy for me.He will teach me new thingz,you couldn’t because you was alwayz with a hoe.Thank you....Because now my son can have a better life.He won’t have to worry about me and you fussing all the time.He will learn how to treat an

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