Hottcaramel89's Poems

Now Lift Me Close

Black Poem | Love Poem : Now lift me close to your face till I whisper,What you are holding is in reality no book, nor part of a book;It is a woman, flush’d and full-blooded--it is I--So long!--We must separate awhile--Here! take from my lips this kiss;Whoever you are, I give it especially to you;So long!--And I hope we sha

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Tha One

Black Poem | Love Poem : Is he tha one I give all my love to.To spend all my time with.A mystery to know if it’ll go that far.Has it went far enough to say ’I love you’ and mean it.Is he tha one if I dream about us together and wake to see he’s not there.Wanting to be with him.Hearing his voice and woundering is he tha one

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