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sorry you cant be mine

Freaky Poem | Teen Poem : It was a choice i had to makebeing 16yrs old wit 2 niggas in the same rowlove both of em but i had to let my first one goit was the best thing i’ve donenow i’m having funhe asked me how could i let 4yrs be donei’m sorry baby boy but now i realize dat life in not a toyand you was only acting like a b

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why me

General Poem | Sad Poem : why me16yrs old wit a heart so cold and a mind so bold but nobody knowsgoin da church tellin my grandma da pray 4 my soulin da dark in da coldfeel like im walkin dwn a loney roadremembering da dayz my sis n i uses 2 where our hair n a frowwhile my moms husband use on da back porch smokin doetellin m

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dont judge me

Neoblack Poem | Teen Poem : don’t judge medon’t judge me becausemy hair isnt real or becausemy clothes arent namebrand don’t judge me me becauseof the the wayi walk and talk don’t judge becauseof the people i hang around withor the things i do don’t stare and laught at mebecause i can’t spell or writeand i don’t speak correct

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i still love you

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : i still love you i still love youseconds become minutes,that fades into hours,the day turns into night, andi still love youhours become days that fades to weeksto monthsthe darkness become light andi still love youyears go by, decades, andcenturies pastthe day drawns on to a new mallennium andi stil

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Neoblack Poem | Sad Poem : emotions emotionsscreaming, crying out inside of mebuilding up,being bottledlike a caterpillar in its coconstrong emotionshate, love, angerbuilt up emotionswaiting to be let outranging beastunleashed at the wrong timefriendship ruinednew ones born,to be untimely laid to restlonelinessalone inthe wor

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4rm da firat time

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : 4rm da first time 4rm the first time of hearing your voicei knew i had to make a choiceeither it waz or take the busso i left them clowns in the dustyou is the only one i trust i knw itz real love 4 da both of uswe got family members tryna fussand itz got so bad dat itz makin u cuss 4rm da first tim

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