Hot Ass Freak's Poems

Kiss Me

General Poem | Love Poem : kiss me and make the sorrowful pain go awaykiss me and tell me everything will soon be okaykiss me and hold me tightly close to youkiss me and whisper sweet words that are truekiss me and and lay me on the bed kiss me from my toes to my headkiss me here and kiss me therekiss me all over and anywhere

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General Poem | Life Poem : But which came first? Money or man? Yes man! And now money rules man, doesn

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General Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Do you think of I have thought of you? A song...a flower...a place...a restaurant and itbrings memories of you. I wonder, do you thinkof me, in the silence of the night? Childrens laughter...a mothers oceanfront at sunrise...all of it...memories of you. AsI think of you..

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General Poem | Life Poem : I hate how you complain, I hate how you moan, I hate how you groan, I hate how you bitch, I hate how you criticize, I hate how you fuss, I hate how you cuss, I hate how you get angry, I hate how you get mad, I hate how you get up-tight, I hate how you get pissed-off, I hate how you get aggravated, I

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Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : Tonight you called me,And played me a songI started crying,And you asked me what’s wrong,I told you I’m sorry,For getting so upset,The words in that song,I will never forget,You know I’m hurting,You know I’m still afraid,Afraid of falling in love,Of getting hurt again,I’m sorry for being so depresse

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