Honeyface's Poems


Neoblack Poem | Family Poem : Black SmallHis eyes are black coal Smell of morning sunshine A hansome soulTouch of baby bottom The sight of cute little man The taste of carmel kisses The sound of birds singing His name is Chase A black king  

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Neoblack Poem | Funny Poem : I got the big gurlz bluez Cant fit into a size 8 Body shakes Big Gurlz Bluez You May say I’m hating But I’m only congratulating Theses here Big Gurlz Bluez Big Gurlz Bluez Makes me pay my dues Causes i’m crying these hereBIG GURLZ BLUEZ

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Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : When i close my eyesI see u standing there Carmel skin,brown eyes and hair Tall but not to tall He’s sexy, the man of my dreams Got my hormones screaming Wishing that u was here to master my inner mystery to skool me to your history but everytime i opened my eyesi lose u and began to cry almost want

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Hidden Feelings

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : These feelings I have for u r greater than me and u  I dig u I want uI dont know what to do I try so hard to hide them But they sometimes show U do something to me even though I like them I wish they didnt show I want u I need u I crave u so OHBut these hidden feelings I hold so well but they Overfl

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