Hiphopdiva81's Poems

Will u miss me?

Black Poem | Goodbye Poem : Will you miss me when i'm gone?Or when my life is over?IF I was in a coma and had a 50/50 chance of life...WOuld you pull the plug/Am i in your mind at any point of the day?Do you ever worry about my

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Pain n Sufferin

Black Poem | Baby Daddy Poem : I went through a year of your lies and da pain u caused i just wanted a gud relationship but i guess you dont so forget it forget that we have a child since u already have. I will do wat u say and go

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Love No Longer Here

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : There's always that one person who you hear their name and you smile? That one person who makes waking up worthwhile. The person who you'd give your heart to. The person who you'll give your last to.

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I wonder

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : i wonder as i sit in front of this computer why things haven't been great for me A life full of unhappiness and a life full of wonder. Like i'm wondering y would life repeat itself and i be raped twic

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Open Wound

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : An open wound that will not heal,a broken heart that can not feel.A shattered life without a home,a heart that seems to be of stone.A broken soul with wings of gold,a story hidden left untold.Like a bug trapped in a jar,does not get very far.Who is this person hidden inside,the one i try so hard to

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