Heavenrose's Poems


Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : tellin me im too younq ; yea niqqa but i ain't dumb - you just lost ONE ; woulda been ya best ; yea i let you hit it but you qot cocky started beatin on ya chest ; oh fly quy fly hiqh take a trip from my eyes ; tired of beinq the one to cry ; you let ya pride slip in b/t so keep it movin from the sc

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Hey Baby , Im Down For Whatever

Black Poem | Down Ass Bitch Poem : baby understand imma ride ; there thru thick & thin ; que amor - that means what kinda love is this ; a qood one if you ask me ; thick spanish redbone / w a jamician niqqa as her main flow ; smokes witcha drinks witcha at this point im all up in the picture & i love it

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Face Down

Black Poem | Ebony Poem : eyeliner smeared with my face in the pillow ; he musta not known what he was in fo ; smackin ass takin shots ; kinda didn't phase me ; lesson to be learned LADIES please yo baby :* roll up his weed buy em a lick or two & i promise that niqqa will appreciate you

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