Giftedniecy's Poems

The Weddding Vows

Freaky Poem | Wedding Poem : You are my heart and my soul without you my heart turns cold.I want you so much i just can’t deny, I want to spend forever with you if thats already.Im giving you the best i got, And trust me baby its a Hell of alot.I want to become one with you for the rest of my life. Being with you baby i won’t t

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Freaky Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Life aint a fairy tale but thats jus how i make it, if things aint goin right then i just might as well fake it.It’s like im in a closed box and aint no way to get out,i put myself out there and people like ’ what she bout’?’.ni99as dont even kow my name but they all want brain, i jus brush em off a

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A Beautiful Man

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : I have these feelings I can’t explain for you, Its like you playin a game for my heart, never thought that i can feel like this. we walk and hold hands, we slow dance when the record spin. I say i love you over and over again, whats goin on in my brain is that you don’t feel the same and that I’m le

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