Ghana's Poems


Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : HELLO WORLD! A brother tried going to sleep with a broken heart, But my painful poor heart would not allow it. Devastated, by how many pieces my heart was broken into, she was once a dream that came t

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Modern queen

Black Poem | African Poem : I will never forsake you I will alway honor you by protecting you not sex you then neglect you and mislead you then disrespect you. You are the universe, so therefore i refer to you as Ms universe. Th

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Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : P.O.W  I 'm a soldier, but I' m a prisoner of warfare. A cellmate to my own decision , because I need permission to fight with precision. How can I have my own agenda? If I cant brighten my vision, thats means I 'm a slave to submission. I got to conquer this picture, then embrace my position a

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