Futuristic91's Poems


Black Poem | Naughty Poem : you want a relationship but it's something i can't do i'll be craving for his touch and that's really not cool this might make you mad but you can neva make me feel that way his hand goes between my legs and i can't find nothing to say instead i just close my eyes and bite down on my bottom lip whi

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Use Your Imagination

Black Poem | Freaky Poem : I want you to picture us together all alone in your bed you're kissing all over me and i'm soak and wet you pull me on top of you and start suckin on my neck it feels so good that my knees start to go weak i lay back on the bed and say to you "put it inside me daddy please" you're nice and hard but

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Neva Again

Black Poem | Goodbye Poem : Do you remember the time that we were having sex and i felt the fresh stratches on your back? when i asked you about them you said baby you no you did that we both new i didn't have nails but any excuse was enough you new when it came down to you i was blinded by love Do you remember the second tim

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Black Poem | Sex Poem : two years ago i saw you in the store we looked dead in each other eyes i started walkin in the opposite direction as i began to cry i couldn't believe it was you you remembered me too cause your expression changed instantly you are the guy i let have my virginity   it was a horrible experience for m

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