Femme4studsfl's Black Poems

Sh!t is that deep!!

Black Poem | Lesbians Poem : So much anger and pain inside It's really getting hard to hide Love...true love is supposed to last forever But now I feel like it will be never. Why do I fall for all of the wrong ones?? Cuz all of them bums...and no good b!tches... Has only left my heart in loves deep ditches. I need to move on an

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You cheatin' b!tch

Black Poem | Lesbians Poem : Where's my b!tch? Who knows She does it all the time So I guess I'll just write this rhyme Well...poem as I like to call it. See...my girlfriend thinks she's a dime But she ain't even worth a nickle Now don't get me wrong, the girl is fine But her dildo.... It's the size of a baby pickle But it's co

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Whatchu' wanna do??

Black Poem | Lesbians Poem : (a mental conversation with myself about the game and how it's played.) You say you wanna fall in love? Ok...that's fine You want to say that I'm yours and you're all mine?!? Say you want a condo.....ooooooh no...a HOUSE!?!? Well....would you like goldfish or guppies because I'm allergic to pets wit

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