Fallenangel2007's Poems

Ya worst nitemare

Black Poem | Black Poem : Ur walkin through the nite n tryna hide 4 me n ma crewbut belive me we gon catch u we wanna bite u n drink ur bloodu reach out 4 god but he cant hear u cuz he doesnt exist wit maclaws I'm torin up ya wrists in the mist of the nite nobody gonnahear ya screamin u think that ur dreamin cuz u get slayed

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Tha drama endz

Black Poem | Sad Poem : Now I'm sittin here zippin on ma beer think about whatI did in ma life n all I c is Azrael smilin @ mehe says come wit me ma son n I say ok ma life is doneI had much fun but ma time is over I ain't scaredits now time 2 pass away the only angel who is left4 me is the angel of death who leads me outta

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