Every's Poems

Lets Talk

Ghetto Poem | Making Love Poem : Words that reach the depths of my soulCaressing my spiritHolding my heartGood conversation stimulates the mindKeeps me on my toesKeeps me wanting moreJust wanna talkFeel that connection without a touchBetter than SexIt’s making love with your mindGood conversation stimutates the mindKeeps me on my t

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Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : Looking in the mirror, who is this person I see?This woman standing tall, smiling at me?That woman is me!Why am I smiling you ask?Looking at myself in a new lightSeeing myself more clearlyWorking hard to achieve balance in life, love & with selfNot likely to fall apart or breakdownEnduring the chall

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Be Kind

Ghetto Poem | Inspirational Poem : Only GOD knows what the future holdsI put my trust in his will for he is the only one who knows my dreams & desiresI ask only on thing - Be KindBe Kind when bringing the message to lightMy heart is tender & mind wide openIn my life each step taken has prepared me for the nestSteps fitting together l

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Ghetto Poem | Urban Poem : I’ve earned my wingsReady to be testedAble to soar above the strongest stormDid my time walking the earthInjested harsh realitiesDigesting the knowledgeShitting out the trash like I take out the garbageLike an Angelor beautiful ButterflyI am ready to fly

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Full Circle

Ghetto Poem | Urban Poem : I write from my heart and speak from my headThings I write would never be saidTo vulnerable, to sincere, to realCan’t let just anyone know how I truly feel There’s so much inside that needs to get outJust waiting for the right one to take away my doubt I don’t take chances and I don’t waste my timeI

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