Electrichead1987's Black Poems

Ode To The Hearts Tragedy

Black Poem | Tragicaly Grim Poem : Come on break me one bone at a timeKill my lustful sins holding my hand tightSpin my head too far around my mindClear all my ravished strains not alrightWrap my noir demise around me so kindTwist these feelings absurd into a delightI'm keeping cupid dead alone inside a body bagNext to the corpse of

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Half The Creep

Black Poem | Black Poem : Yesterday you were the martyr seedToday you feed the terror behind your needYour sweet has turned to sourCause you fene the face you hide between You think you're on the runBut your schemes are so far goneYour sickness one to devourBut your sickness known to be a loaded gun All these scars you love

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