Edwinsanchez4eva's Freaky Poems


Freaky Poem | Funny Poem : There this girl I noShe’s such a hoShe prolly has a dodoCauze she looks like a manI used 2 be friends with herTill she got jealous of me Cauze I talk To him

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1st time

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : Da first time I gave you a hug, U put your hand on my waist,We both facedA lot of hard timesAnd we both did a lot oof crimesBut if we put dat behindYou will findWe were meant to be togetherCauze I will neverDisyou like she didWe could have alot of good timesJust like da first time I gave you a hugU

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Hatas stay envy

Freaky Poem | Teen Poem : I’m tired of these hatazThey mad fakazYou’ll talk and talkBut won’t walk da walkU guyz mad fakeU guys don’t hold down shytU say u a friendBut u talk behind our backUr mad slack

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Freaky Poem | Love Poem : As i sit hereThinking of u, I bareKnowing I lost 4 months of my lifeI was stupid enough 2 call say I was ur wifeI shoulda listened when they said 2 leaveBut, I still can’t believe I loved you

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2 sides

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : I love youBut do you love meCauze it surly don’t showU always look @ dat li’l hoI no we jus friendsBut, I want 2 b much moreBut every 4 Weeks you got a different 1But u shownWe could beBut, we still friendsI don’t want tear stainson my pillow like it was with marioCauze I’m tired of these li’l immat

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