Duchess's Poems

loving you

Black Poem | Black Poem : I am ready to give my self to you but Im scared my emotions are overflowing and temptation is calling but Im afraid, afraid to let it all go should I take my time and go slow my body is yearning to have you inside me to fulfill my deepest fantasy and my darkest dream to press your lips against mine

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Black Poem | Black Poem : Tears Tears are drops of water full of pain and sorrow liquid full of emotions and power my pain my joy my love and my sorrow I can no longer hold inside so it falls from my eyes like large drops of water tears, tears I cry as a reflection of you falls from my eyes as I think about the party on the

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The American Dream

Black Poem | Reflection Poem : The ghetto where little boys grow up to be generals and fight in wars the ghetto where little girls become prostitutes and learn how to whore the street life the street life a thugs dream the slums of America where nothing is what it seems when you play you play to win lie, cheat, fake it to take it

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Black Poem | Black Poem : Born as a ghetto child raised as a nubian queen thought you had it all until you hit your teens, long black hair, light brown eyes, bowlegged, with pure chocolate skin bankin a** body and far from thin niggas smiled in ya face and gased up ya head saying anything to make you smile just to take you t

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Lost Little Girl

Black Poem | Life Poem : Me I am lost in a world of distress a love so strong for my mother I even let men fondle my breasts look into the eyes of a broken ten year old whose been raped f***** tortured and beaten pain so severe no words can even be spoken dress me up like a china doll and let them f*** me in dark halls a mo

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Black Poem | Life Poem : Help me I call I am a blach child lost in this world all alone Help me I call in this white mans world of industry alone I try to make it but deprived of an education Help me I call held down by a burden thats not my own Help me I call as I turn to the streets for a handle on this life I call my ow

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