Desire's Freaky Poems

since u left

Freaky Poem | Death Poem : its been four months since you been gonei miss u so much but i know your home the pain i feel is from deep with in lord knows you were my best friend was there through those hard time but you left so soondidnt get to say goodbye when you left that day 3days later in the hospital god took you away ne

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i got a good man

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : cant no man compare to mind the way he holds me in dearing times i know its funny and might sound strangebut i got a good man yall and proud to say rubs my feet curess my body man so damn goodin tha sheets many woman hate they wish the could slide in first bass but our love is true make me do things

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all this time

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : u said you would never hurt me u said it from your heart u still do those things that make me feel that spark never imagine a man to be so truetheres no need to worry cuz i got uall this time people said we would drift apart and to young from tha start butwe’re still strong and holdin on after all t

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