Deloremagine's Poems

Subconscious Thinking

Black Poem | Love Poem : Imma man on the Moon I think of the moon as to having an eccentric glow, to be a gorgeous accessory to the diamond freckled sky.  That white pearl on a black sheet, I highly doubt you’ll ever reach that peek. So why admire it as some do if you can’t have it for yourself?  I think the sam

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Positively Unsure

Black Poem | Love Poem : You say we’re all alike, that we just want one thing, Sorry Ms. Amerie, but that’s not what some see, Wrapped up in the moon, when the sun sings, It’s for more than an impulse and imprudent needs, I’ve shown you affection; better yet let’s go down the checklist: Laughter, smiles, and exultant tears

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A Little Bit Longer

Black Poem | Love Poem : Well, Here we are, lying on the comforter, I hope your confortable, Never thought I’d see you in this sense. I think it’s gorgeous the way you put your hair up and Put your glasses on right before class starts. Don’t be shy; I know it’s been a month or two since I met you at that party, We hardly

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