Daedae21's Poems

my secret

Black Poem | Black Poem : im in love with him but he will never know when i step closer i feel a tug on my shirt i wear my heart on my sleave my head tellin it to leave before he sees but it cant cuz my feet are pl

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what i get

Black Poem | Life Poem : i hate the life i chose but cant blame nobody but me decisons i made put me were i am today failing to see whats right thinkin this shit is tight cant help to tell myself how stupid it was t

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Black Poem | Sad Poem : I wanna be skinny!! thats what she said, theres nothin wrong wit her its all in her head everyday she looks in the mirror and crys "i wanna be dead" cuts her wrist and let the blood shed everybody makes fun of her, not knowing what kinda life she led her mom low self esteam, her dad just fled she's

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i love it

Black Poem | Crazy Poem : Oh i love it when you dont answer my calls so i guess im considered a stocker now, thats wonderful oh did you enjoy my text, i know you got them who ignores test messages i dont remember you sayin you love me too i think the phone was staticy oh dang your signal must be bad your phone hung up right

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Oye Mi Canto

Black Poem | Black Poem : Oye Mi Canto yes thats what i said open your ears and let it flow thru ya head i was once like you, i was mis lead i opened my eyes and the bad things fled i no longer just see the color red i see all colors floatin around my bed cuttin him out my life, like i do a piece of thread cuz he has no man

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Black Poem | Black Poem : I always think what we would be like Yes we would be tight Plannin on takin over the world We just might Be rich one day Then i thought, what if i lose him? I never had him in the first place Not even one little taste Shit, we didnt even get to 1st or 2nd base I admite/we dont talk like we use to an

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