Da1git's Black Poems


Black Poem | Life Poem : my mother's a drug addict something like a crackhead my father's gone aids got to him so now he's dead my oldest sister is a b*tch she used me than kicked me out now I'm left to waunder about DAMN my little sister had someone try to rape her and no one believed somehow I need all this stress to be r

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A Hand to guide me

Black Poem | Black Poem : I think it is about time I throw the towel in And let all this pain come to an end because I sit in my bed crying my heart out but no matter how I try I still can't find a way out I know I'm gonna take a wrong turn on the lonely road if I don't find a guiding hand to hold I went wrong somehow trying

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me and you against the world

Black Poem | Love Poem : They say you're no good I should leave you alone They took away the only love I have ever known Now I cry myself to sleep night after night Living without you just ain't living right My heart is has been broken shredded and torn Just the thought of knowing you might not see  your child being born I

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Black Poem | Love Poem : your shoulder used to be there so i could cryyour hand use to wipe each tear that fell from my eyeyou use to hold me close and tightnow i find myself alone every nighti use to find you when i open the doorbut i don’t have these luxuries anymoremy booby’s gone, i lost my bestfriendnow i find myself a

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your bed

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : You promised to be here in my time of needYou promised to bandaged my heart when I bleedYou promised to comfort me, now my grandmother is deadAnd you

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Freaky Poem | Black Poem : Tears welling up inside my eyesHurt frombeing told pity liesGoing crazy, losing controlCrying trying to hold on cuzI can’t let goTossing and turning in my sleepWishing you were someone I could keep.Hugging myself to sleep at nightBeing lonely just ain’t rightTrying told hold myself together in one p

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