Cupz07's Poems

Pretty When You Cry

General Poem | Sad Poem : He told her she was pretty but especially when she criedhe said it showed a part of her that she always tried to hideshe told him she loved him and he took advantage of thatbeating her unmercifully until her vision was blackhe noticed he’d blacked her eye when he was finally threwkissed her and said

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i wish

Ghetto Poem | Sad Poem : i wish i were a mind reader, i wouldn’t have gotten so comfortable when you held me           i wish i were a heartless bitch, i wouldn’t have cried when you failed me i wish i had a spare heart since you broke the one i hadi wish i had no emotions, ’cause lately all my days are bad i wish i had the

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my break-up poem

Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : i wonder at the possibilities of you betraying me, slim to none? i think not! pros but more cons to us hooking up you found my hidden soft spot. i wonder at your potential of being treacherous to me, it sounds just like you.a call from her on the phone i bought, you couldn’t even tell me the truth. 

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and this is love?

Ghetto Poem | Sad Poem : I was scared to open up to you but I finally let my guard downNew Years Eve you love me New years day don

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