Crazysexycool's Black Poems

The Dancer

Black Poem | Love Poem : The Dancer Current mood: pensive Category: Writing and Poetry As soon as he walked out onto the stageShe felt her heart skip a beatHis strut commanded her attentionAnd she knew she was in for a treatThe music began . . . 5,6,7,8With the first point of his foot his talents were displayedIn the stren

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Broken Mirror of Life

Black Poem | Life Poem : Shattered pieces scrambled about on the floorA million reasons why life isn’t fun anymoreLike broken glass each memory lies jagged and sharpPiecing together a life that is so darkThis broken mirror of life reflects my journeyThat only me and whom I walk with can seeThe torn edges glisten deep in my

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What Am I Searching For

Black Poem | Life Poem :  I’ve been up and down this road called lifeTwenty thousand miles strong and I keep making rightsFor some reason I’m lost and can’t find my wayThe road map I was given isn’t up to dateBut I keep on driving as if I was flyingGot my eyes wide open and I never stop hopingI’ll find the missing linkMaybe

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