Crazy4u's Poems

wat used to be

Neoblack Poem | Sad Poem : i loved the way you looked at me,dat smile told no liesi loved the way you locked my heart,by lookin deep into my eyesi loved the way you gelt on me,with pleasure and respect beyond usi loved the way we used to kiss,so good and uniquei loved the way you were here with me,no harm or danger can come w

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all gone to waste

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : i used to admire your affection,you were my addiction,you used to seduce mei used to be your matenow, all you do is accuse me,of things that really arent thereall this yelling and lyingyou act so confuseeverything would of been good,if you accepted the fact that you were afraid,afraid to loose someo

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Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : i love dis boy til da end,but my heart cant take nomoreyou cause me all this painyet u cant see them tho’to you i am a fool yet you dont understandfor so long was i thereyet dont you remember?i awaken to u,i let myself freei gave you my trust,i gave you my freedom,i gave you my hatred,i gave you par

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Neoblack Poem | Friendship Poem : why do you do such thing?you up and leave me nowwhen everythin was koolbut how?how can you leave me hanging hanging like a doll gon’ to wastei see you there walkin passpassing on memoriesand what they did bestbut as days go on by,it just keeps gettin worstalways there to hang on,i thought you were t

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