Copnik's Poems

The Intimidating Woman

Black Poem | Black Poem : Intimidating? Surely a stretch by far I only stand 5 foot 4 The slightest gust of wind Could knock me to the floor Yet I have noticed this word being used a time or two In reference to me Well let me think this through?. You see the strength in me that I seem to try and hide Trying to flex your powe

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Where are you?

Black Poem | Love Poem : I thought that I had found youBut there was an impostor in your placeNow he's gone,moved out the waySo really, can you pick up the pace? I am lonely here without youAnd the waiting is taking its tollSlowly chipping away my faithBaby, Doubt is on a roll! You?re leaving me hereTo face the losers by my

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