Cookiiedouqh's Poems


Black Poem | Cute Poem : You think you know me but you have no clue Look close but your eyes are foolinq you I look human but Im in my own dimension I got one friend and he known as Mr. Benjamin Im in love with money, but who wouldnt be? Green be my favorite color and I like smokinq trees. I dont care about this economy Im

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you was my homie, what happened ?

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : What happened to the plans and the life that we dreamed ? What happened to makinq wishes underneath the swinqs ? I expected more of you and you expected lesser You laid on your back and I called it peer pressure The facts was in my face but I could not accept it I thouqht of every excuse becaus

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mayne girl , freaky

Black Poem | Freaky Poem : Dont call her shawty no more I call her my bussit baby I met a chick name tracy and mayne this bitch krasy But I love her more than life cus mayne she amaze me Think about her all the time she could be my future maybe But no matter what she not better than this freak named Stacy She go down on me .

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grasp of pain

Black Poem | Life Poem : This mind game I’m playing is full of heartache The only way out is death at my fate If only you could get inside my brain You could look and touch but still couldn’t grasp this pain I search for a way out but all I get is rejection I’m heartless as can be with no affection

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