Cookiebaby's Poems

tell me you love me

Black Poem | Love Poem : pull me close and hug me look me in the eyes and tell me you love me console me hold me tell me im your one and only and be real about it and dont be phony because im looking for that one that not only say it but show me because i need a man,friend and a homey not just someone thats in it to bone m

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because of you

Black Poem | Love Poem : im dangerously in love like beyonce so you can be my Jay-Z because they complete each other and complete me theres nothing that i wont do its all that i will do i would kill to feel you feed you, please you i want you and my body needs you because your the love of my life the key to my h

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Lord help me

Black Poem | Religious Poem : The devil is on to me ...because i can feel him breathing down my neck in my ear tempting me to smoke ,drink and have sex but I say NO! I cant do that god wont allow it but the devil screams back at me and says well u cant survive this world without it so  I smoke that joint ,I drink that jen and i

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