Conflicted Emotions's Poems

Reality Check

Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : Yea you see the hard composure but theat's far from the real me i have the softest heart in the world don't get it twisted though yo girls' not weak i've seen things an average 17 year old haven't seen i've been threw stuff that you only have nightmares about in your dreams yes i live good now but i

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Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : I'm sitting here with you on my mind I want you here but at the same time I can't shake that heartache feelin of you breakin my heart again I can't stop thinkin of all the times you played me over and i remained I don't know should i listen to my heart it's screaming to me try again he won't break y

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The Break Up

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : The Break Up You played with my heart when i finally let my guard down; I know you cheated and flirted when I wasn't around; I know about the times yo side chick called when I was layin right by you in bed; I played it off like i was sleep but i heard every word you said; It's okay i'm all good just

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