China Doll's Black Poems


Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : you call me ugly and you hatin on mebut your ex dumped you and he’s watin on meto decide whether or not ishould give him a chanceyou shouldget a life andfind a new manit ain’t my fault you didn’t do your jobi didn’t take your manyour heart got robbedand for the recordi don’t want him anyways

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The Truest Mother

Black Poem | Family Poem : now i never had the chance to get to know my biological motherand for anyone ,that can cause paini am bruised by thatbut i am not destroyedbecause of the many blessings i have gainedalthough many veiw me as motherlessi’ll have you know i don’t feel that waybecause i still have someone to show their

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Ive Been Called

Black Poem | Spiritual Poem : jesus was perfect and they left him to diei am only human so who am ito complain about the weights of this cold worldwhen times ger rough i mustremember it is the battle of the Lordliving my life i have been through hell and backi’ve seen the devil’s face and fell victim to his attacksbut through it

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Black Poem | Life Poem : sometimes we say things out of anger or maybe even for attentionbut child, in my life there are some things that are not to be mentionedyou can’t tell people how you really feelbecause they will take that information and use it against your willsometimes we do things without thinking about them firs

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They Told Me

Black Poem | Life Poem : they told me i was crazythey said i needed helpthey assumed that i was psychoticbecause of some of the things i feltthey told me to stay calmthey advised me to go with the flowthey claimed they knew what i was going throughbut i bet my life they didn’t even knowall i wanted was someone to talk toall

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