Chanell01's Poems

Why do you judge me?

Freaky Poem | Life Poem : Do you know my struggles?My pains? My brain? My suffering? My fights? My family? My mind? Do you know my enemies in other words my foes? Do you have the right to call me a hoe? Are u aware of what it means? Are you related to a drug fiend? do you know what ive lost to gain this pains? do you know my

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Unforgetable Relationships

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : Once you were gone my heart was brokenI still remember the first words spokenBut now that i was so crushed I still didnt want to rushi was so wrong for breaking up with youNow im thinking how can i make it up to youI sit in my room crying. Sometimes wishing i was dyingSince youve been gone i wanted

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ghetto luv poem

Freaky Poem | Ghetto Poem : Ghetto luv poemGul I love you,Skraight up Fo’Sho.Or I wouldna told dem ova girlsnot to call me no mo.I knewed it was true,da first day I seenteded you.Why you thank I do,da thangs I do?Remember how I use ta wine and dine you,Schlits Malt Liquor and Bar-Ba-Que.I gave you a bubble baf and fed you grap

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Above ur average women

Freaky Poem | Life Poem : I’m above your average woman I’m built with a life time guarantee of emotions I’m fragile so be careful not to hurt me I’m that out going and energetic ball of fire I’m very well spoken and intellectual I’ve been through hell and back so know that I’m ready during rain sleet or snow I’m above your a

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