Butterflysol39's Poems


Black Poem | Black Poem : Free like a bird flying south to migrate to get lost in a world where there’s nothing but love and not hate In that sense let me shed the light on the  present tense A recession turned into a depression Politicians on a mission to make you believe that they can make the world a better

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The Essence Of A Black Man

Black Poem | Black Man Poem : Amazing, Incredible, Outstanding BrotherMagnificent lover  I love the contrast of your skinbeautiful hues of ebony and caramelthat are deep within  I admire the texture of your hairwhether it's cornrows or shaveddreds or a fade  5'9 or 6'2Someone I can look up towith br

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Black Poem | Love Poem : A door that was once closed for many years reopens and memories of a lovethat was once lost but never forgotten suddenly appears  As we stand face to face and contemplate on what’s about to take place  A connection of two souls that were destined to beOur inevitable fat

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A Black Woman Like Me

Black Poem | Black Woman Poem : The truth of the matter isthere is nothing more beautiful than a black woman.  Whether she's 36-24-36 or 44-39-56A black woman is always demonized about her size   Dark Skin, Light Skin there seems to be a competiton What is this a color audition?  l

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