Butta's Poems

My Dreams

General Poem | Love Poem : Love is something I believe I must receiveIn my heart I know it’s out their somewhere!Lust has been in soul many of times,never lasting long because itwasn’t true!Closing my eyes thinking about how true love.will be and how it’ll feel.Images in my day-dreams see a figurethat’s strong and protective

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Brown Skin Man

General Poem | Sensual Poem : He’s my tasty brown sugarPure honey brown delightA king, that I lie with every nightHe’s perfect in mindWith smooth mothions in the bed holding me gentle,MY black Man.So flawless in shapeFrom his head to his dickAnd down to his feet,What a joy to observe this.He has firm abs with ’THUGLIFE’ on itAnd

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Thank You!

General Poem | Life Poem : In the event of my demisewhen my chest won’t raise anymoreI want you here with meor near me,God just be with me.Thank you for being in my life this far,and I pray you stayBecause I need cha here with me.Without cha in my life it’s empty.You was here for what ever, helping me get through the ruff tim

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Hood Revolution (PART II)

General Poem | Urban Poem : Menace to Society and, An Ambition as a Ryder.What happened to humanity!Preoccupied with cash and the lavish life,Never thought to notice we losing our human rights!Introduce crake and the fiends liking that!Scheming on riches, andSelling are soul for materialism, thinking you going to be top notch,

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2nd Chance

General Poem | Love Poem : Your the strenght in my heart.When I think of what a Black Man should beIts you that come to mind.You’re a true soulWhen God putted you on the Earth he knew your worth.I believe you’ll never know how deeply my heart feel for you......And we’ll grow apart and I’ll end up losing you.But if I die befor

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Ghetto Lyfe

General Poem | Ghetto Poem : The misconception of the streets,The mean,mean streets.All the people who don`t have NO money to eatTo the people who don`t qualify 4 PublicAid Is the life of a ghetto slave!!!!!

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