Bugsbunny's Poems

The Otha Woman

General Poem | Love Poem : The otha woman aint down like meshe can’t get money and clown like meThe otha woman is just dum and stupidim the woman who gives u luv like cupidThe otha woman may be ther 4 u butShe can’t grind and ride u like i doThe otha woman is not someone u need cant u seeHold up im really the otha woman how d

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The Saddest Day

General Poem | Sad Poem : My Saddest Day was a day i’ll never forgetA pain felt that made me sickMy eyes closed and my heart skipped a beatTears rolled down my face on both of my cheeksIt was the day i found out my grandmother diedthe one i loved most thats why i criedGrandma I luv u and miss ulet me know what u think.

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