Brownsugar092001's Break Up Poems

who's fooling who

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : Never take a scorned woman or lover to perform on open mic night, especially if she's talented the below is exactly what you might get out of it. Enjoy! I'm a poet in my rite now step back and watch me as i bless the mic just a one of a kind hype never wishing to be in the lime light continuosly t

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Black Poem | Break Up Poem : There's a split in the left side of my chest and now my heart won't let me rest I gave all I had and I gave it my best, I guess this had to be another test Couldn't cry even I tried, I just put it away with all the other lies  He was so bold and now I'm so cold this game is starting to really get ol

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To The One I Love

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : This Is dedicated to the one that I Love  The other day you asked me to give you some, but you know what you’ll never get none Because of what you’re working with you could never have all of this Don’t ever get it twisted you’ll never be missed all your worth is to be dissed That small little nut

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