Brooklynboy0627's Black Poems

The Reason I Love You

Black Poem | Love Poem : The reason I love you is quite easy to seeit encompasses everything that you mean to me,the kindness, the love and your honesty tooare all part of the reason that I’m loving you.You’re my ear when I’m angry, frustrated or downyou listen and comfort and turn things around,you’re my eyes when I’m tire

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Humble Skies

Neoblack Poem | Black Poem : Humble SkiesGod WatchesAs Satan plotsAs the Earth turnsAs life blotsAs feelings thriveAs stars diveAs people wonderAs dreams slumberBe one in yourselfBe one in the sameNot one in a millionNot just a nameStay true to your beingThat you should be seeingDwell in your best . . . . . . and let the Lord t

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