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i did have a title but im afraid youll think its stupid

Black Poem | Life Poem : i at this point am totally confused or i am convincing myself that i am when in all reality im noti am scared i am about to make a mistake but maybe i already made it and it hasnt caught up with me yeti am completely disappointed because i kno i could do better yet utterly satisfied that i did my be

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General Poem | Life Poem : I am ME and I only hope to beI am she by another definition a QUEENMy name is Bettyeand nothing elseI am Meand I only hope to beI am sheset out to accomplish my DREAMMy name is Bettyethere is nothing you can take from mebecause I am shesent to LOVE and LEADI am ME

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General Poem | Love Poem : CAn yOu feEl mY HeArt BeAtIngPoUnDinG AgAinSt My cHeStBeaTinG FasTer ThAn I caN HaNDlETHe BloOd RacinG THroUGH my VeiNsa WiLdFIRE unTaMedMY HEarTBEaTs for YOUFasT, WheN I THiNK oF ThE THOuGHt ofYoU & MeBarElY At aLL WHeN YoUr cLoSe tO MeCAn YoU FeEL My HeaRt BEatINgPlAcE YoUr HaND UpOn mY cHesTFeEl

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ReScuE Me

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : He held his hand to meAs if truly longing my needAs if we two could beI held his hand in minewishing I had the power to freeze timesavor this moment betweenhe and me setting in stonethis day remeberedforever in historyHe held his hand to meKnowing to be with himwas all I needTo feel his touch wasall

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perfectly flawed

Ghetto Poem | Spoken Word Poem : your perfectly flawed by any definition but yet you still have the courageto dream beyond two dimensions pure you are not by the standards of societyyet you are perfectly flawed and im failing all sobrietydrunk with your love and yearning for the passion burning deepinside of theeyour perfectly flaw

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