Brenda's Poems

A Ripped Piece Of My Page

Black Poem | Love Poem : Standing there looking good, I want to say someting, I cant say nothing.Twisted words, bottled feelings.Glancing over your shoulder watching your every move on the keys.Inmaging your hands on my thighs.Smiling everytime, you look back at me. Making eye contact.The room stops, we’re the center of att

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Dead Rose In The Winow

Black Poem | Life Poem : I glance in to the window, where I once placed the Red viberate life rose. Now all thats left is regert, pain and revenge.As each petal drys up falls, it expose the once half ass truth to full dark lie.Years ago I looked at you, you looked at me.You moved, then I moved.I called you and told you my d

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Nothin Like it (MORE)

Black Poem | Sex Poem : It was like a drug, the very first time. Pain, Pleasure all rolled up in one. But like an addict I came back for more. One hit, Two hit, hum just one more. I thought I would never stop then it came to a bore. Just stickin, suckin and touchin; no real glor. Hum girl I just needed that RIGHT BLACK SNI

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Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : I climb onto the bare surface, wearing scapes of cloths that don’t expose my breast, ass and hum you know. Curving to the left and then to the right twisting my every limb, it feel so so right. Can you see that light on my bare mocha skin, enhancing my every beauty mark and flaw. Being watched; like

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