Blackrock's Freaky Poems


Freaky Poem | Sensual Poem : I met this girl out on the street,but all she did was stare at my meat.I didnt want to seem mean just wanted to know was this girl a dick fiend.i talked to her ,she talked to my dick.thats all she did thru the whole flick.she asked what i wanted to do and i toldher to pick.she wanted to go to her ho

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Freaky Poem | Life Poem : Before i would have hit and ranah yeah that was part of my plan,it was my hit run M.O,if you didnt know now you know.Before i would dine and dash,justso i could save a lil cash,yeah that was me running from the scene all you could see was the bling from my earring.But now i love & gift them,at there

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Freaky Poem | Life Poem : Where did the love go everbodies always like this and that,and so an so.nobody walks pass and smiles even if you walked for miles.where did the love go,even being rich dont make you feel better than the poe folks,even energetic AUSSIES say shut your face ya dumb bolks.where the love go,its not in th

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Freaky Poem | Sex Poem : the night started off fast straight to the freaky sex i lick you and you blow me we’re all up in the sixty9i’ve given you yours and now im tryin to get mine.we go at it and it last and lasti see your eyes roll back and i want to blast,all that sex in you’re eyes and the arch of you’re back,you pull

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Freaky Poem | Sex Poem : if you were a game of sexid be the first to call nextto play in you all night longlike a game of donkey kong.if you were a watch,i would maketime go real slow so i could make you cream until you couldn’t it take no moe,id be on you like white on rice makin you feel soo nice.if i we’re a teacher i wo

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