Beyoundlove's Poems

follow in Jesus ways!

Freaky Poem | Spiritual Poem : Today I found him,The one that is in control of my heart,He knows why I am here and about to say,I seen what he went through to take my sins away,And that has changed me deeply,I know he gives me the strength to go through each and every day,He anwsers my prayers and is always near,He gave me this b

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Freaky Poem | Friendship Poem : Mistake is something that can change your life,Mistake anyone can make,Everyone should get another chance to prove what they did was wrong orMaybe even say it in a song, It’s interesting how hurt you can get even if youAre the one that made the wrong, the one that was a big mistake.The mistake that

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Make sure its love

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : Love grows like nothing other,It demons and it lightens up the lives of one another,It can hurt and be very painful,Yet, at the same time it makes you so joyful,You can never stop loving something once your heart has,Therefore, if you try to tell your mind to won’t,But if the love was just

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never say goodbye

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : We broke up but my love for you still stays,I have this feeling when ever we talk,Like we were meant to be together, forever,We say its over but we both know the truth,I know you think of me, every time I think of you,You still make me laugh, be happy, and smile,But yet when I sit alone, I cry like

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Life we all live it

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : Life, we all live it, all of us come on to this earth with the same ability’s, we all have a mind it is up to you how you use it. This world can be full of dreams and wishes but those who chose not to use their minds will only sufferer from knowing, those who use there minds will only learn.To me li

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Pain of love please be at ease

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : Love, at times I feel so happy,So where did this suffering come from,I feel as if I am black on the inside,The smile on my face says leave me alone,The little I say lets you think I am okay,I wouldn’t say I am fake,It’s the breath of my pain you take,I hurt just from all you say,I would rather be be

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