Baby_B.'s Poems

The Sun

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : When did I see the sun? Was it in the morning when I raised? Or at 12 O’clock when I took my daily walk? Maybe in the evening when I started that crazy dreaming.    Where did I see the sun? Was it in your eyes? Or in his smile? Maybe it was in her walk, Or maybe it was just the way h

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Black Poem | Break Up Poem : Boy you say you want a wifey.But Bitch you ain't ready for a wifey.All you want is a hoe& I Baby I'm not a hoe.Boy you say your a boss, the real deal.Bitch your not even old enough to know the real deal.Baby, the game you try to play has been played over & over again& Boy, there have bee

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Why did you leave me ???

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : Why did you leave me?Lonely and cold,Alone....By myself,Sitiing in the dark,.....Thinking....To myself what did I do,To deserve a broken home.Why did you leave me,So young,Still innocent,Not ready to face the pain,Of a broken heart.You left me,Not thinking of my future,But of your own,Was is worth i

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