Babi Kaszie's Poems

Spoken (prt.1)

Black Poem | Life Poem : My feelings was hurt. But do anyone cares? Everyone just keep living their lives While mine is frozen in time. What should I do next When the hurt inside of me grow stronger? Tears falling

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What Fairy Tale?!

Black Poem | Love Poem : i thought he was my everything from the first time i layed eyes on him. First the talkin, then the walkin, giggles, almost dancing. The midnight telephone call oow boy i got him. Day at a time a

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Healer Of Broken Heartsz

Black Poem | Love Poem : Always telling me Only Time Will Tell Im waiting for him to ring my bell (haha) with his looks, with his touch, hesz the best i ever had all them other nigkasz hate'n gettin mad hesz my heart

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Black Poem | Black Poem : What if I told you that I was in love with you? would you love me back? Would you just brush me off? I really want to know! It may be once in a lifetime you may be loved for being you. So why throw it all away? Why? To be popular? Or because they didn't have, "The Look"? Now you tell me who you rath

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The World Above

Black Poem | Black Poem : When it's your time to go through Gods gates, Will you go or will you stay behind? Do you think you're going to miss out on the world down below? Heaven's a better place. A paradise for all and much safer, Where there are no worries. No matter what you smile down on your love ones. And pray for thos

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Why Can't I Learn From My Mistakes

Black Poem | Black Poem : Can i learn to be strong? Can i learn from my mistakes? Can i move on? Who i am to u? would u care if i up n left u? would u cry when i die? would u stay by my side when everyone else goes? What do i have to do to be a better person?   Jus think about that while I'm Away..... Cuz surely i need sum t

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